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The Perk - Masculine / Modern Web Design

The Perk Downtown is literally one of my favorite places on the planet. Not only do they offer exquisite roasts—locally sourced—but they sit in the middle of breathtaking Colorado Springs, CO. Better still, they are the original crafters of the Buzzer—a magical concoction of cold-brew coffee, chocolate syrup, and cream. It was a dream working on this website re-design!

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A single persona across all platforms

[We, the users, expect] brands and content providers to explore how their content is consumed across various devices (i.e. smartphone, tablet, smart TV, in-airplane entertainment system, audio assistants, and beyond) in an ever-growing list of contexts. Even with TV media, users are simultaneously using smartphones. It’s rich, dynamic, visually-driven content that can engage the user and keep their attention, specifically when it’s written at the appropriate length and loads properly on the device at hand. - Julie Blitzer, from “10 Insights on the state of visual storytelling in 2019

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Chasing After Dear's New Look

Over the past year, I’ve spent a lot of thought about re-branding my company. Many times I’ve considered ditching the deer and moving in a more obvious direction—i.e. Jenny Smith Creative & Photography, or something similar. But every time, I keep coming back to what motivated me to start Chasing After Dear in the first place. When I first picked the URL, I wanted to tell the world how much I adored my husband Justin and our new life we were starting together. Soon thereafter, I added more loves to the website’s scope: my love for photography, graphic and web design, and in serving others out of an abundant heart of thankfulness to God. These core motivations are still there, underpinning everything about my work and freelance endeavors. The years have changed a lot—my office location, my clients, the type of work I spent most of my time pursuing, my style—but it’s never changed that fundamental passion of love.

With this in mind, I’ve spent many weekends and late nights pining over my logo. I wanted it to be distinctive, not a blue version of the John Deer logo... 🦌 running start all looking the same after a while. Here’s my finished logo! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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The Biggest Story ABC

I love when two of my favorite things collide beautifully: sharing the good news of Jesus and great design. This new board book by Kevin DeYoung with Illustrations by Don Clarkdoes both with ease. The illustrations are beautifully modern while the bold hand-lettering and a color palate give a familial nod to vintage aesthetics. I can't wait to get a copy of The Biggest Story ABCs  for Ezra a.s.a.p. 

Go ahead: share your favorite letter (hint - mine's D).

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