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The Perk - Masculine / Modern Web Design

The Perk Downtown is literally one of my favorite places on the planet. Not only do they offer exquisite roasts—locally sourced—but they sit in the middle of breathtaking Colorado Springs, CO. Better still, they are the original crafters of the Buzzer—a magical concoction of cold-brew coffee, chocolate syrup, and cream. It was a dream working on this website re-design!

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The 5 best things I've learned in my first 5 Months going freelance

My inbox, facebook newsfeed, pinterest, and even instagram look like one continuous flow of #girlboss advice. "The Instagram formula to growing your business by 10,000 followers in one month," "3 things that transformed my photography," and "How I started earning six figures in six months in design" are just a randomly selected sample of what I see every day. It's not encouraging. In fact, I find such motivational hooks more enervating than attractive. I'm timid about my own work. I don't flaunt it or exaggerate my abilities. If anything I err on the side of shrinking myself when speaking to others. I was absolutely TERRIFIED of doing freelance anything for money and five months in not much has changed. I am often spiraling in a mental "WHAT AM I DOING?!" Not because of lack of desire but just a guttural fear of disappointing my clients.

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LIVE: Ashley Davison - Public Relations Web Design

Last week I just finished another website design and although it moved from in progress to my quintessential outbox,  I somehow never managed to completely overlook posting the finished piece. So. . . Here we go!

Our biggest goals for this project was 1) Produce a sophisticated and feminine face for Ashley Davison PR as well as 2) Provide a needed stage for blogging / a shop front for new and upcoming products. Also, we managed to throw in a little logo / name treatment design along the way for kicks. When in Rome . . . (o.k., that phrase totally doesn't apply here but I've only had three cups of coffee today, so forgive misuse of cliches, please.)

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Scratch Artisanal Cottage Bakery - Web and Logo Design

If you haven't had a chance to check out (or taste test) Scratch Artisanal Cottage Bakery, you're seriously missing out! Faith is one of the best bakers I know, home or otherwise. Her concoctions will delight all your senses, with beautiful, minimal craftsmanship and pure, natural ingredients. She is truly a master. Here's a quick look at the website and logo we cooked up together a few months back. 

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