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Three things I’ve lost

1) A vintage brass Chinese lantern necklace from my Aunt living in Japan.
This necklace was one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and I wore it from age 9 through 21 (when I lost it—maybe at a hotel—at my dear friend @alanafrihana’s awesome wedding). I do still have a photo of me wearing it, though, huddled close to three of my favorite people in the world: @jennakthom @dollydelong @alanafrihana ). We were “studying” at the Midnight oil and you can instantly tell how much I adore these ladies by the way my face is radiant with joy. It’s been a decade since I saw them last (at my wedding, actually) but I still love them and pray God gives them happy, full, joyous lives. All of us are mommas now, and, though we may not be roommates or study buddies any longer, we share that beautiful mutual thread of shepherding our little ones in obedience and love of God. Every time I think of that necklace I lost, I think of this photo and these friends, and God’s meta-narrative of grace and redemption.

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