A single persona across all platforms

[We, the users, expect] brands and content providers to explore how their content is consumed across various devices (i.e. smartphone, tablet, smart TV, in-airplane entertainment system, audio assistants, and beyond) in an ever-growing list of contexts. Even with TV media, users are simultaneously using smartphones. It’s rich, dynamic, visually-driven content that can engage the user and keep their attention, specifically when it’s written at the appropriate length and loads properly on the device at hand. - Julie Blitzer, from “10 Insights on the state of visual storytelling in 2019

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Not that there are a lot of clean records in the Justice Center. Most of the defendants, many of the victims, too, have had some prior entanglement with the law. And even if it's small stuff—marijuana possession or trespassing—you get the stink on you, or what I've come to think of as the stink. You get a whiff of bad citizenry about you. An odor that causes the presumption of innocence to shrivel.

[ . . .]

Punishment is relative. What it takes to teach you a lesson depends on what you're used to. But there was a more disturbing implication as well. One that prows this courthouse and throughout our criminal justice system. That we are not like them. The ones we arrest and punish, the ones with the stink, they're slightly different species, with senses dulled and toughened. They don't feel pain or sorrow or joy or freedom or the loss of freedom the same way you or I would.

— Serial, S. 3, E. 1: A bar fight walks into a justice center

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We're all in the together

When I'm feeling optimistic I appreciate that an elevator car in a government building is one of the few places left in our country where different kinds of people are forced into proximity. I like to think that we can all stand so close to one another, with our sensible heels, and Timberland boots, and American flag lapel pins, and fake eyelashes, and Axe cologne, and orthopedic inserts, and teardrop tattoos, and to-go coffees. And when the elevator doors open up, spilling us out onto our floor, the fact that no one is bloodied or even in tears, it's a small, pleasing reminder that we're all in this together.

Serial, S. 3, E. 1: A bar fight walks into a justice center

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The Nelson’s Family Session // Sneak Peek

Maybe you remember my giveaway a while back? Well the Nelson family won and we spent the better part of the fall trying to get a session planned without interference with rain. We finally managed to get a day without rain interference (it rained afterward—ha ha ha), and met up at the gorgeous Plano’s Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Here’s some highlights with Bradley, Shannon, and adorable Brooklyn! Enjoy!

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Nicole + Ryan's Outdoor, Countryside Wedding

It’s two weeks out from wedding day, and I’m obsessively glued to the weather app on my iPhone. Personally, I’m one of those obnoxious people who loves rain. I’m the good book, cup of steaming coffee, and warm puppy, curled up by the window during a thunderstorm kind of girl. It’s cliche but storms feel so charged, like anything at all could happen. Unfortunately, outdoor weddings don’t share my meteorological zeal.

The last thing in the world I want is for sweet Nicole to have a deluge on her wedding day. (Muddy wedding dress just don’t have the same appeal.) Regardless of the weather, though, I know we can make any day sparkle when you put two crazy-in-love people together. And that’s just what happened. The Thursday before the wedding, Nicole and I texted about rainy day ideas on making photos work. Clear umbrellas, clear tarps, balcony shots . . . I brushed up on Pinterest creative ways of shooting outside during a downpour.

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