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Meet Justin

Justin is 32, 6’5″, and has a beard most lumberjacks would envy. He’s witty and extraordinarily analytical, has a terrific eye for design, and has the best gut instincts we’ve ever seen.

Though you’d never expect it, Justin is a master home-chef. He makes magic in our small, 1950′s era kitchen. From home-made, golden madelines to mouthwatering Moroccan couscous, Justin stirs up pure, unadulterated flavor. His preferred Starbucks beverage is a tall, double shot, latte. He is passionate about: cooking, grilling, cheese boards, eating at great restaurants,  (indie) music, traveling, and throwing dinner parties with lots of friends. He is passionately opposed to: leafy greens, raw vegetables, jogging, country music, all varieties of seafood, tattoos and body piercings.

Check out his blog: bearded

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